315 Huddersfield Photoshoot

Every now and then I get a creative itch that needs a scratch (ew, I know) and when I do I turn to my creative partners in crime – Sue from Limelight Occasions, Jeanette from Booootiful Cakes and Jane, the Woo ‘b’ Woo Fairy. This time we got together at 315, who have recently undergone major work and have a lovely outdoor space and a fancy new spa.

As promised by Jeanette, we were fed chocolate cake (after I’d taken it’s photo of course) while our fabulous friend and model Kayleigh Audsley braved the elements – and the bubbles!!! Jane was busy dressing the room whilst making an impromptu bouquet or two – and even a floral crown?

What goes with a floral crown? Funny you should ask… a couple of Daschunds of course! Not that it was planned, but Jeanette’s Daisy and Stanley needed collecting so of course we just had to include them – Jane making a couple of little corsages for them too. Kayleigh was so happy to be working with the doggies she was almost in tears bless her, and despite it not being planned I think they were some of my favourite photos of the day.

Sue wanted to get some photos in the spa, so we braved the heat and our fabulous Kayleigh lounged by the pool while I got a bit excited about the potential of her getting in it! Sue is awesome, she didn’t even hesitate. In she went haha! Love it!

Sue is currently jet-setting around but when she’s back she’ll be able to tell you all about the dresses and designers on the Limelight Occasions Blog, so watch out for it in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime here’s some of the shenanigans we got up to…

Sarah x