A Halifax Hall Wedding and Chimney House Wedding Reception for Kate and Jono

After the crazy amount of snow we’d had recently it was a HUGE relief to be welcomed by a blazing blue sky at Halifax Hall in Sheffield. As well as the usual squirrels and bunnies in the gardens, there were 2 new arrivals – a couple of ducks, who’d obviously made themselves very much at home!

The boys looked very dapper in their matching blue suits, and Kate looked absolutely stunning in her dress.

Tears and laughter aplenty and they were soon husband and wife, with the biggest beaming smiles that gave the sunshine a run for its money!

Lots of milling around and congratulations and then the unmistakable “putter putter” of a double decker vintage bus announced the arrival of our transport to The Chimney House. I went along for the ride, choosing my timing on traffic lights to move around the bus so as not to fall on my butt haha!

The weather was just as kind when we were welcomed at The Chimney House. Our hostess poured champagne and looked after everyone while I nipped for a little walk with Kate and Jono for a few photos before heading in for the reception to begin!

The sun was even still shining when I got home, got to love spring! 🙂

Sarah x