Beautiful Cannon Hall Wedding

The late August afternoon sun was beaming down on Eliza and Daniel’s wedding at Cannon Hall.

The visitors to Cannon Hall and Cawthorne Park were out in force – the ice cream was flowing and the bees were buzzing. Daniel and most of the guests arrived on a somewhat larger than they anticipated bus, so were running late and had to walk down further than they expected, but looked fab and were there in plenty of time for Eliza’s arrival in a beautiful Daimler from Laura’s Vintage Limousines

Weddings always draw the crowds at Cannon Hall, lots of onlookers oo-ing and aa-ing it’s lovely to see. The guests were ushered in from the car park into the hall before the Daimler pulled up on the other side so they couldn’t be seen. A quick chat with the registrars and then it was time.

The beautiful, intimate ceremony took place in the small library. The bookcases, the chandelier and beautiful wallpaper give this room a lovely warm glow while the huge windows let lots of lovely natural light in. Things were a bit squished at the front as there was a lot of furniture so I kept my distance as much as I could and used my 85mm lens so as not to intrude.

To say Daniel wasn’t even keen on having a photographer there and had to be convinced by Eliza, he soon found his stride when after the ceremony we went for a little walk to get some portraits of just the two of them (followed by Eliza’s mum to keep her dress from trailing on the ground.) Then it was off to their reception as husband and wife!

Laura’s Vintage Limousines