A Ringwood Hall Wedding for Mike & Charlotte

It was a chilly spring day at Ringwood Hall, and the daffodils bravely popped their heads out to welcome Mike and Charlotte for their April wedding day. The wonderful cheerful colours continued inside – they’d chosen yellow details and flowers and it all felt very spring-like and happy.

I’d already openened my Birthday presents (yes, it is my birthday on April Fools’ Day, despite mum hanging onto me until 11.50pm haha!) so I walked some of my chocolate off having a wander around the lovely grounds to look for special spots we could check out later for photos.

The room was filled with laughter and love, with plenty of speeches to please the crowd after they had filled their bellies and relaxed.

As for me, I rounded the day off by being taken out for tea and a beer or two 🙂 Happy days!

Sarah x

Ringwood Hall Hotel