Allerton Park Horse Trials 2018

Allerton Park may just be THE most beautiful setting for horse trials in the UK.

Today I was determined to make count more than other days, because today I was booked to photograph a wedding, which had been cancelled as a heartbroken groom called me to tell me his beautiful fiance had lost her life. Words couldn’t help, and I wanted so badly to do everything I could for him. So desperately sad, and a reminder that we should never take anything for granted in this life.

The grounds at Allerton provided a much welcome chance to wander around admiring the wildlife and connecting with nature – a swan and it’s 3 rapidly growing up cygnets glided past me, and a blue dragonfly hovered nearby. Even the sun came out as the swans flew overhead.

The cherry on the cake was bumping into a bride of mine, and her sister, as well as her 2 little munchkins, who all looked really well, and it was so lovely to chance upon them.