Allerton Horse Trials 2019

Allerton Horse Trials were a weekend of 2 halves this year. Saturday was bright sunshine out on the course from morning until evening, and Sunday decided it would be cloudy and wet.

But not as wet as some of the poor unfortunates who came a cropper at the water jump – although last year it was bone dry due to the heatwave, this year it was well and truly full.

Watching through the lens I can see who’s in trouble and happily shove my gear at someone to go and help. Last year I cought a very soggy horse and got a soaking.

Horses and riders were fine, and you only need to watch the grey who trotted merrily off, popped the spectator barrior and pootled her way back to the collecting area. Small consolation for her rider, but on the plus side she did have a beautiful trot.

I usually get asked if I’m there as an official photographer, but I always go just to be around the beautiful horses and practice photographing them. It really is just for fun, and makes me very happy indeed.

Allerton is my favourite location for horse trials. Everyone is so friendly and the backdrop is stunning. Luckily I was free this weekend so managed to spend both days there with the camera. Here’s hoping for another week off next year!