Andy and Helen’s Bagden Hall Wedding

I’ve known Andy for a couple of years through his business, and when he mentioned he was getting married to Helen of course I asked if he had sorted out a wedding photographer, and lucky for me hadn’t and booked me! Happy days! 🙂

It’s funny as the first photography course I ever did was at Bagden Hall, years ago when I was just playing with the camera. The chap who took the course, Stewart, a wedding photographer, has since gone on to set his own album business up and I became a wedding photographer! The world has a funny way of working itself out!

Sunday the sun was shining, and after the downpour the day before I have to say I was quite relieved to not get another soaking! Driving up to the hotel the first thing I noticed was the amount of pink bows someone had painstakingly been tying to the posts lining the driveway – someone had been very busy!

When I got to the hotel I couldn’t believe just how chilled out Helen was – she was with her bridesmaids in what has to be the biggest room I’ve ever been in for the bride to get ready! The supply of Haribo and crisps were set up and it was all very relaxed.

Downstairs Andy arrived with Blake, who were equally as chilled! Friends and family trickled in and before long it was time for the ceremony. The room was packed out and Evie was up front in her gorgeous little pink dress.

I don’t think anyone expected the song choice for the newlyweds as they left the room, a triumphant Andy punching the air – the theme from the Addams Family – ok so it’s a different spelling but we all got the point and there was a lot of laughter, and I have to admit it kept me giggling pretty much on and off all day.

Outside for photos, and Blake picked a buttercup for Helen, who having decided that they both like butter, then placed it into her bouquet. It was such as sweet moment between them.

The speeches were hilarious, Andy’s 2 best men – yes that’s 2! formed a great double act, and had left envelopes on everyones’ tables. During the speech the rest of the guests were invited to open them, a worried Andy looking on wondering what they’d done…embarrassing photos! Needless to say it had everyone in stitches. Best, best mens’ speech ever.

The best day ever too, is how they summed it up – and now they’re off on their honeymoon. Thank you guys for letting me be part of your best day ever 🙂 x