Angel Couture at the Abbeydale Picturehouse in Sheffield


I could stop there and that would say it all. But I won’t. You need to know about the latest collection from Angel Couture!

I met Kay Heeley, (the designer and brains behind Angel Couture) last year when her dad mentioned what she was up to and I jumped at the chance to work with such a talented lady. So I popped around with my new portfolio (I’d not been photographing a year yet!) to meet her – yes – she lives 2 doors down – it was obviously fate! We got on like a house on fire and the next thing I knew we were organising a shoot for her new collection at a stunning location in Reading.

But that was last year. THIS YEAR – oh my! She really outdid herself with the designs! I’d had a sneaky peek at the materials she’d chosen and her sketches, but nothing prepared me for the finished articles! And once our stunning model Maddie – professional ice dancer from Chicago no less – got into them it was just unbelievable!

This year we’d enlisted the help of Jane at WooBWoo for some set dressing as the new collection was all about the language of flowers, and were named appropriately – Kay wanted to add to the story of each dress and Jane didn’t let us down! And boy that woman works hard!  I’d asked my chap Rob if he’d help lend and hand, and he too worked his butt off and brought a huge selection of props to boot! I love that guy.

We even had our own jewellery department there on the day by the way of Kimberley Hepworth from Ivy Rocks. There were some serious pieces of fashion there let me tell you! Not only that but turns out she lives on the street opposite mine! haha!

Anyway, I’ve probably blathered on enough and should let you just see what we did….

Sarah x