Photoshoot for Angel Couture’s latest collection

Back in September I found myself down in Reading on a photoshoot for Angel Couture’s latest collection of evening and bridal wear.

The designer, Kay Heeley, is incredibly passionate about all things fashion, and her previous work includes collaborating on both UK and overseas Television series, one of London’s leading department stores and a number of UK celebrities, often wearing her brand in some of the UK’s leading magazines, on TV and music DVDs. With Her expert knowledge of both High End Couture as well as dance and performance wear, Kay combines the two styles to create beautiful bespoke pieces for her clients.

The fabulous location for our shoot was a privately-owned house near Pangbourn – a beautiful area complete with its own Lamborghini, Bentley and Aston Martin garages!

Our model was Madeline Lydia Stammen, a professional full-time ice skater with a number of productions including the “Hot Ice” show in Blackpool. Originally from Chicago, Madeline travels the globe with her work and was the perfect choice for Kay’s bespoke couture label which specialises in Bridal, Evening and Performance wear.

We were under some serious time pressure from start to finish. I arrived early (no change there lol) to double check what we’d been over the night before now we could see the light, and set up my equipment. Our hosts were amazing and couldn’t do enough for us, and we were spoilt for choice for locations. Kay had chosen the location based on some beautiful archways on the first floor which we took full advantage of. Traffic had meant that Kay and Madeline were running late so the pressure really was on to get everything covered in the time we had, thankfully Madeline was used to quick changes and was amazing at modelling for us.

Kay’s new collection can be seen on her new website