Anna & Richard’s Halifax Church Wedding & Holdsworth House Wedding Reception

WOW! I’ve never been inside St Mary’s RC church in Halifax, but that’s excatly what I said when I entered. From the outside it’s in a typical Halifax street, and you’d never know it was so big and beautiful from the outside! What a lovely church for Anna and Richard’s wedding!

Richard with his brother and best man arrived, and handed out orders of service, greeted guests and caught up with family members. Soon enough the black BMW with the telltale ribbons arrived in the next street, driven by one of their friends no less.

Out stepped the beautiful bridesmaids and a stunning Anna with her Dad. Helping her into the church and waiting patiently to make their way down the aisle to a waiting Richard.

A wonderful ceremony followed, and we made our way into the rectory for the signing, giving the bridal party a chance to sigh and relax.

With the happy couple greeted and congratulated it was time to drive over to Halifax Hall for the wedding reception, where it was warm enough for everyone to enjoy the beautiful garden, even if it did mean the occasional “wasp dance,” which if there were prizes for, the best man would have won!

A room full of designers was a perfect opportunity for a creative little game before the delicious 3 course meal (which I was kindly invited to enjoy with them all.) The pens and paper were provided for guests to draw a portrait of those sat opposite. Much hilarity ensued and I even got my own portrait courtesy of the bride’s father! haha! Brilliant! and did I mention the best sticky toffee pudding ever? It’s a miracle I could fit my camera holster back on!

As for the evening – how does a breakdancing groom and a DJ mopping up the dancefloor sound? My favourite moment of the day would have to be when Richard scooped up Anna in his arms on the dancefloor for a kiss to raptuous applause of everyone.

Good times. And did I mention the sticky toffee pudding?

Sarah xx