Antony & Rachael’s Tipi Wedding at Smallshaw Farm

Antony and Rachael’s day was just incredible; the sun shone, the flowers were in full bloom and the tipi looked fabulous against the blue sky at Smallshaw Farm.

The couple had opted to have a, “Sand Ceremony,” and I was excited to see how it worked. I’ve been to a hand-fasting before but being a lover of the seaside, the idea of sand really appealed to me.

During the ceremony, Rachael, Antony and their little lad were each given a glass with a different colour sand in it, which they each poured into one large heart-shaped recepticle. The idea being that it couldn’t be taken apart, recreated and was one of a kind to represent them as a family. Beautiful.

I remember their first kiss completely melting my heart – I think it may just be the most romantic and tender first kiss I’ve ever witnessed, what a beautiful moment.

Soon after the ceremony, their young lad was overwhelmed with emotions, such a lot to take in, but the games and sweets soon had him smiling again.

We made the most of the stunning blooms in Smallshaw’s garden for some photos of the happy couple. The field was the perfect setting for a game of Daddy, son and dog footie. What a location, what a day. What amazing moments I’d been witness to.

Happy, glorious, summer days.