Barnlsley Youth Choir 13 Hour Singathon

It’s Friday night, we’ve all been working all week, today is no exception. I’d already started at 6am, and now it’s 6pm. Camera gear ready to roll, laptop set up, unicorn slippers on and I’m ready to record some BYC shennanigans.

The 13 hour singathon is exactly what it says on the tin. The singing would begin in the evening and carry through until the next morning. A number of members representing each section of the choir would keep the music going to help raise funds.

I knew the event would be a lot of fun, but a mammoth task for everyone involved. Of course there was the usual hialrious “I’ve got a head like a pingpong ball,” and Luke serenading everyone with the “Trololol song,” (YouTube it, but I can’t be held responsible if you do.)

Interspersed with solo performances, get up and dance to keep everyone awake, and even the odd round of jingle bells.

The red t-shirt brigade were fighting through the tiredness to make sure everyone was ok, which by the morning, nobody was, so off to bed for most of us (not me, but then there’s no rest for the wicked eh)

If you’d like to find out more or can spare a few pennies they’re always welcome!