Becci and Chris’ Holdsworth House Wedding

The morning started out with Becci getting ready at Hollins Hall on a somewhat wet November morning, but knowing their reception was to be at Holdsworth House I knew it would feel all warm and cozy whatever the weather was doing.

I was under strict instructions from Sandra, the vicar at the church to stay upstairs or at the back for the ceremony, which is unusual for me but of course we’d all agreed beforehand so I was ready with the zoom lens. Chris was nervously awaiting Becci at the front of the church, with the support of his sister, who was also given role of best woman for their wedding. After a wonderful ceremony the rain had cleared and we celebrated with confetti outside before heading off to Holdsworth House. Before I left I was told by Sandra that I had been a pleasure to work with and she thanked me – I hope in some way I’ve restored her faith in photographers a little 🙂

At Holdsworth we managed to get some outside photos before the speeches – a rather emotional Chris only just held it together – Becci assured me that this was indeed normal, and judging by the loving laughter and cheers of support, his friends and family knew him well.

Sparklers outside before dancing the night away ensued – and the wonderful Becci had 2 special dances – one with her new husband of course, and one with her Dad. Just so special. x