Becky and Michael’s Holdsworth House Wedding

A cold October day dawned in Halifax for Becky and Michael’s wedding day, but Holdsworth House knows how to do great fires and amazing food, so we were all in good hands. Besides, as an outdoor gal after my own heart, a little moisture on the grass wasn’t going to stop the Becky taking Michael outside to make the most of the gardens in their Autumn splendor.

Now, you plan your wedding day meticulously. Of course, things can happen, I believe it’s called “Murphy’s Law,” – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. How you react to things not going to plan is a testament to your character and resolve. While some people crumble, or pout and sulk, others don’t.

Murphy’s Law tried its luck with Michael and Becky and quite frankly lost. Take that Murphy!!!

Let me explain…Since I’d first met Michael and Becky just over a year ago, little Michael had made an appearance. Now little Michael and his amazing eyes, and cute little hands and feet, I’m reliably told was a cheeky little monkey and never got ill. Apart from now. Poor little mite was having terrible gastro trouble, and the decision was made to pop him to see the doctors and nurses at A&E. Whilst some people would have cried and made a fuss, Becky and Michael’s resolve and decorum was second to none. They looked after their son whilst looking after their guests. Wow, these guys are pros! So of course I waited until the newlyweds were reunited with each other for their first dance. Much better late than never, and I was having fun watching the guests attempt “oops upside your head” inbetween them accidentally pulling a table off its legs (sorry Michael haha!)

Take THAT Murphy!

Sarah x

P.S. I’m glad to report that little Michael is fine and back to being a cheeky monkey 😉