I thought you might like to know what goes on behind the scenes with a wedding photographer.


  • Charge ALL the batteries
  • Check and clean equipment
  • Print the details of the day and run through everything
  • Format memory cards
  • Carefully plan the equipment based on the day ahead
  • Set the addresses in the sat nav in the car and on my phone
  • Fill the tank with petrol

Get an early night and set the alarm!


  • Early rise, grab stuff and go after a final check
  • ALWAYS arrive early on location, come and say hi and check everyone’s ok
  • Start clicking away remembering details as well as catching moments
  • Set off to the ceremony if it’s in a different location and say hi to the groom, mingle and get shots of them waiting and guests arriving
  • Grab shots of the bride outside waiting to make their entrance, before dashing back in and get them walking up the aisle and reaction when they’re reunited.
  • Ceremony and 1st kiss
  • Signing the register – once signed do a staged shot
  • Head to back of the ceremony location and get photos walking down the aisle – great to get one of the few staged shots of the day – a kiss at the end of the aisle with friends and family applauding.
  • Follow and shoot the congratulations and possibly confetti.
  • Group shots immediately after the ceremony before the reception
  • Once the group shots are done, some one on one time with the newly wed couple is perfect as it sinks in that they’re married before rejoining their guests to relax more and enjoy themselves.
  • After these it’s a great time to get candids as everyone relaxes
  • Once people are eating I will take a quick break – nobody wants photos of people shoving food in their mouths!
  • Any speeches are usually done after everyone has been fed and watered
  • More mingling before the evening do
  • The cutting of the cake
  • The first dance and then everyone lets loose and parties
  • Once I’ve said my thank you’s and good byes it’s the drive home, but it’s not done yet! Once home I will download the photos of the day onto the computer so I effectively have 3 copies of the photos, before finally climbing in to bed. Exhausted but happy.