BYC’s South Africa Tour

You may have noticed I’ve been volunteering my photography for the Barnsley Youth Choir for a while now. Well this year they selected a squad to go on a tour of South Africa and sing with different choirs, be part of festivals and learn from workshops with some of the best South Africa has to offer.

I never expected to be part of the team who would go out there, but they felt it important to document and collate the trip as an important part of their future history. Of course I was honoured and felt very trusted with the massive responsibility and couldn’t wait to spend time with everyone learning about a different culture and listening to incredible music first hand.

There were plenty of extra rehearsals and an extra concert for the kids, and what I took away the most from the trip was before we’d even left. It was the ones who joined the squad, knowing full well that they were reserves and may not even get chance to go. Their passion and dedication was the same as everyone else, and they were so incredibly gracious even though they weren’t called up. This is what teamwork is about. This is what strength of character is about. They will go far in life and I’m sure their chance will come for them.

I could write for hours about the trip, but instead I will leave you with some of my favourite moments.