Chatsworth Country Fair

I hadn’t planned on attending the Chatsworth Country Fair, but the weather looked lovely and I’d been glued to the computer monitor editing thousands of photos since I got back from South Africa and thought a break and some fresh air would do me good.

Of course, I couldn’t go without the camera as I knew there’s be horses to admire. I wasn’t wrong.

Beautiful Gelderlanders driven by what I was told was one of the top drivers in the world, now in his 70’s. I wondered how my Dad would have managed to get onto the carriage, being he turns 70 this year himself.

We were treated to some of the royal’s horses pulling the carriage that William and Kate, or was it Harry and Meghan, I can’t recall, but someone used it for their wedding recently. I wasn’t really listening – greys are my weakness and these were beautiful.

The Shetland ponies stole the show for me though, as they usually do. I adore their cheekiness, and these guys were no exception, pawing at the ground and raring to go.

Never underestimate a Shetland pony.