Cows N Flowers

Penistone’s answer to Guns N Roses. Whilst not very rock n’ roll, they’re just as entertaining.

The entertainment started 6 years ago when  farmer Brian accidentally rolled a bale of hay down the hill behind my house, which flattened my fence and dutifully landed in my tree. Having rolled out of the tree and been collected by said farmer Brian, the fence was “mended,” too. But it’s quite blustery to say the least up here, so I finally gave in and had a new post and rail fence put in its place.

Well the cows have really enjoyed investigating it, and seeing how far in the new calves can get and which plants taste good (and not so good.) They’re hilarious and cute in equal measures. My Grandad George (long since passed) used to be a farmer and had cows, or “beasts,” as he called them, so in a funny old way it feels lovely to have that connection there.

Is there a bull in the field? Yes! but fear not, he’s so laid back and carefree, and is particularly enjoying scratching his butt on my new fence.

As for the sunflowers, they’re not in the field, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.