Genuine Documentary Wedding Photography

Genuine documentary wedding photography is a way of seeing and being, not just a name for taking candid photos.  It’s in your mindset and a way of working. It’s the overriding desire to tell the truth of a moment and document history as it is happening.

Everyone sees the world differently, through what they’ve been through, the people they’ve loved and sometimes lost, the mistakes they’ve made, their hopes, dreams and wishes. What values they live their lives by and what is important to them. All these things influence how we interact with and see the world when we’re using cameras.

Photojournalists risk their lives in conflict zones to bring us the truth – the humanitarian element and a powerful message. It is used to document history and should be done with truth and honesty. Those who practice such a way of working need to be trustworthy to the end.

Whilst weddings are at the opposite end of the spectrum, this ethos is still the same for me.

Sarah x