If you want to have your wedding photos around for years and generations to come, help is at hand!

We live in a fast-paced digital age that seems to change overnight. Heck, when I was a kid I’d listen to music on tapes, my dad played records and we had floppy disk drives on the computer!

What if all my music was still on tapes? What if all my work was still on floppy disks, my films on VHS?

What I’m saying is that nothing lasts forever as far as technology is concerned and to stop ourselves losing our memories we need to take precautions. How many services do you see offering to put tapes onto MP3? VHS onto DVD? Few and far between. Are all your photos on your mobile or Facebook? What would happen if you lost your phone or Zuckerberg pulled the Facebook plug?

I’m positively paranoid about photos (it’s what I do!) but perhaps this might help;

I shoot with dual-card cameras so if one card gets corrupt I have a backup of every single photo taken.

After a wedding I download the photos onto my desktop PC at the same time as an external hard drive.

Once I have done this I will edit the images and upload the whole lot to the cloud as well as my desktop and external hard drives (x2)

I also print out my most precious ones – some in albums, some in photobooks, some just in a box which I’ll look through after a few glasses of wine and I’m feeling all nostalgic.

Whilst this may be a bit overkill for you, I’d suggest you look to at least have 2 copies in separate locations, you’ll not regret it if you do!