Emma and Paul’s 315 Wedding

Just around the corner from the 315 in Huddersfield was a group of excited ladies getting ready for Emma’s wedding day! The sun was shining and the Maid of Honour was doing her best to set the smoke alarm off making their breakfast.

Doritos and cheese scoffed and makeup perfected I headed to see Paul who was just arriving with his mum at the 315.

Finishing touches for the guys in ties and the girls in their dresses, it was soon time for the ceremony, while the adorable flower girl stole everyone’s hearts.

Inside was toasty but outside was freezing, but the bitterly cold wind wasn’t going to stop our gorgeous newlyweds from having some photos outside!

Back inside I noticed the door open to the laundry room and asked one of the kind ladies whether we could borrow a hot towel which Emma got all snuggled up in for a warm up.

Emma decided she wanted to get the girls together for a traditional bouquet toss, she didn’t know her own strength and she hurled it over their heads and onto the roof – brilliant! The fun and laughter continued well into the wedding reception before it was time for me to go home.