Jodie and Dale had been booked for ages, and I’ve been seriously excited about their wedding, so when it finally arrived and they had their dream frosty crisp winter’s morning I couldn’t have been happier.

Having met them properly at their engagement photoshoot I knew their day would be something magical and they would be relaxed as they were each marrying their best friend.

Jodie looked like a real life princess, and Dale very dapper in his suit. Jodie’s dad was full of pride as he walked her down the aisle, and the whole ceremony was bursting with emotions and love.

After a little time outside with the new Mr and Mrs Jepson we rounded people up for a few group shots before mingling and getting ready for the reception.

The 3 red boxes on the top table looked familiar, and when I saw the old fashioned phone he filled me in on the plan. You see Jodie had been on Deal or No Deal a few years ago, and tonight’s game was “Dale or No Dale.” Inside the boxes were hidden a couple of presents for the newlyweds, but to get to open the boxes they would have to watch an emotional slideshow and play the game “Speak Out” where they put on a mouthguard and had to say a phrase. Fair play to them as they both did, what great sports! and they were duly rewarded.

All too soon it was time for their meal and time for me to leave the fairytale and head home to finish off the Christmas chocolates.

Sarah x