Fionn and Katy’s socially distanced wedding

Hurrah!!!! Fionn and Katy finally got to exchange vows in Sheffield! It was a socially distanced do but a wonderful celebration regardless of the distancing!

I’m not sure any of us knew exactly what to expect, and I’d packed everything but the kitchen sink just in case I needed it. We all met outside the Town Hall in our own “bubbles,” as the government calls them. Although not what any of us would consider our ideal wedding day given how many guests wouldn’t be there, I couldn’t help feeling that these newlyweds were part of something special even so – making history and celebrating love during a worldwide pandemic.

The guests gave elbow bumps rather than hugs and handshakes, and Katy arrived with her mum before the ceremony to a waiting Fionn who gave us the thumbs up as soon as he saw his bride. Some of their friends had to stay outside while the pre-arranged guests made our way inside the Hall to the big room downstairs (calling at the hand sanitiser along the way.)

The chairs were set apart, but Fionn and Katy were (of course) allowed to be together. Exchanging wonderful rings that they had made together, faces beaming, I forgot the chaos of the world outside and cherished this special moment with them.

After some photos in the Peace Gardens we called in at Fionn’s parent’s house to let the dogs loose and for some relaxed photos of all the cuddles and waggy tails.

A very small family meal was then had at the Cross Scythes in Totley, again a socially distanced do.

It felt wonderful to be back photographing happiness and love.

Thank you Fionn and Katy! x