Formby’s Red Squirrels

In the quiet sandy woods next to the seaside is a little haven for our rare red squirrel chums.

The pine plantation was cold while the sun tried to warm us up and coax the squirrels out of their beds. It was somewhere my partner Rob had mentioned and we decided we needed a roadtrip to Merseyside to go and find these little guys.

Part of the National Trust, it was well signposted and our “squirrel walk” began. We had no idea whether we would even see any, so as we started walking we worried we might not, but soon enough we caught sight of our very first fluffy red squirrel! Smaller than the greys, and I hate to say it, cuter, they moved so quickly, it was great practice for me with my new lens.

Talking to other visitors it was clear that some had vilified the greys, but whilst I understand, I don’t think that’s fair. They’re all wonderful creatures and we’re lucky to have them in the UK.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy their cuteness (and some of their friends)! x