Helme Church and Smallshaw Farm Wedding for Jess & Darryl

If a bride was ever to knock her groom’s socks off, it would be Jess. She looked absolutely stunning. I couldn’t wait for the wedding ceremony at the pretty Helme Church, and another sunny May day meant that their wedding reception at Smallshaw Farm that afternoon was going to be equally as fantastic!

It didn’t take long for me to get emotional, soppy sod here read the little keyrings Jess had bought for her parents – “Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter. Best friends of life.” and, “Dad, today we’ll walk down the aisle together. I’ll marry the second man I’ll love forever. But remember as we walk, dance and twirl, I loved you first, your little girl.” Heck I can’t even get through writing this now without getting choked up! It didn’t help matters when Jess’s mum and Dad reacted to seeing her in her wonderful dress. I knew today was going to be a rollercoaster!

One particularly lovely touch was during the ceremony, Darryl’s mum and Jess’s mum both lit a candle together to signify the joining of two families (once they’d managed to get the lighter situation under control) Jess and Darryl got their turn to light one too.

Up at the farm, the marquees looked fabulous, and each table centre featured a superhero drawing which one of their friends had created for them, such a great personal touch and pictures they’ll treasure forever.

One of the best things about Smallshaw as a venue is the amount of outdoor space they have – the kids enjoyed their freedom, while everyone enjoyed the football, skipping and garden games.

It wasn’t long before the shoes came off and the slippers were on and they partied their way into the night. 🙂