Horses on the beach! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Having seen a lady on Facebook posting her lovely photos of horses on beaches, and also having always wanted to photograph said horses on a beach, I got in touch to ask her if she did 1-2-1 days where I could get the opportunity.

Normally you have to travel abroad (which would be nice don’t get me wrong, but I need to save my pennies for that!) but today we were in Sandsend and Hartlepool! Fantastic! AND the sun came out. Happy days!

Our first horse was a beautiful Arab stallion, who was as well behaved as he was captivating! Photographing this guy in the sunshine on the beach was like a dream come true, though I did manage to get blown over into the water – I felt myself going but there was nothing I could do to stop the momentum.

Following a quick fish and chip stop in Whitby, the afternoon started with a Fresian x Welsh youngster on Hartlepool beach. Full of beans, he wasn’t as easy to photograph, but a wonderful rainbow made an appearance!

After the excitement of the youngster, Alex said that the next chap – an Appaloosa, would be a cinch. Which he was, after they brought him back from his escape for freedom down the beach haha!

3rd time lucky – our last shoot of the day was 2 carriage horses – two beautiful grey Lipizzaners with kind, gentle eyes. A sucker for any grey I fell in love instantly. Turns out that something about being on a beach turns perfectly well-schooled horses into escape artists, and each of these guys took their turn to have some fun at their owner’s expense. But with such wonderful happy faces as they made their bids for freedom I couldn’t help but smile.