How do you know if you’re choosing the right wedding photographer for you?

First things first

First and foremost – do you like their style? If you’re not sure, they’re probably not right for you.

Do you love being in front of a camera or hide when you see one?

Do you enjoy having your photo taken? Depending on your answer will influence what type of photographer will make you feel most comfortable during the day. If you like the highly stylished fashion work and don’t mind taking the time out from your guests to work with your photographer to get the results you’ll need this type of tog. If you’d rather enjoy your day and let the photographer work their magic in the background then it will be another type.

Would you go for a drink with them?

Do you get on with them as a person? You’ll be spending the most time with this person; are they someone you’d like around?

Do they look after you even before you book them?

Are they prompt? Do they answer any queries you have in a timely manner? Do they seem organised or did they turn up late to your meeting or pre-shoot? Are they running a professional business ojust doing this for the cash or something to do?

Passion or Porsche?

Do they have passion? If you get the feeling you’re just another wedding then walk away, find someone who will enjoy your day as much as you do.

Do they have other photography projects on the go and are genuinely interested and enjoy photography or is it just a job to pay for their next holiday or flashy car?