I don’t care what the weather man says…

The weather forecast needn’t fill you with dread. With a little forward planning you can laugh in the face of mother nature (let’s face it, if you’re getting married in the UK there’s a high possibility of crazy weather and the forecasters getting it wrong anyway)

Here’s a basic check-list of things you need;

  • Wellies
  • Brollies
  • Hair spray
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Also forewarn your guests – find out if there’s somewhere they can leave boots at the location in advance.

Pro-level photographic kit will survive a little rain.
Group shots – find a contingency before the day – if no other option then organise a lot of brollies – Primark is great for finding lots of brollies without breaking the bank. Or ask people to bring their own. Colourful brollies can add interest to photos.

If the sun does have its hat on…

If you’re getting married outside, avoid the midday sun – it’s unflattering as well as hot – people will be squinting or wearing sunglasses, even in winter. The same goes for group shots. If it’s unavoidable  we’ll need to seek shaded areas for nice photos.
When it’s hot, don’t put your dress on until the last minute, and keep your hair up while you’re getting your makeup done.
Parasols are great for makeshift shade and you can get really pretty ones.
Remember to keep your fluids up – preferably not all alcohol!
Put sun cream on any exposed parts – nothing kills a wedding night like sunburn!

Please don’t let it snow…

If it snows, it can make for beautiful photographs. Assuming you and your guests can get to the location and your photographer isn’t completely snowed in!

Insurance – I always recommend couples get insurance, but even more so if they’re getting married in winter when snow is more likely. Weddings are expensive enough to pay for once, let alone twice if the worst happens and you do need to rearrange.