Huddersfield Methodist Church Wedding & 315 Wedding Reception For Rob & Diane

When I was little, Mum and Dad used to take the family to the village Methodist Chapel on a Sunday. I always remember walking there all the while thinking of the Sunday lunch – a beef joint simmering away in the oven waiting for us to return home. Mmmm, onion gravy! Dad drinking it off his plate, me avoiding the swede for as long as I could get away with. Mum scratching her head and wondering why her Yorkshires never rose in the oven like her mums used to, and eventually blaming the, “skimmers” on the electric oven.

Once in the chapel we’d sings some songs, stand up, sit down, sing a bit more, listen to the chap at the front and repeat. About half way through the service us little lambs would be rounded up and taken next door for Sunday School, with orange squash, biscuits and of course some colouring in and more singing. I remember thinking, “gosh, things just got serious next door!” I still wonder now.

Why am I telling you this? Probably because the memories came flooding back for Rob and Diane’s wedding in their Methodist Chapel in Huddersfield. The service was warm, inviting, full of laughter and smiles.

Beautiful blue skies meant the newlywed’s journey from the chapel to the 315 in Huddersfield could be enjoyed with the roof down, champagne in hand! Now that’s how you travel!

Luckily for us the sun continued to shine on the wedding, and everyone enjoyed being able to relax outside and play games.

Before the dancing got underway, Diane took off her veil and retouched her makeup in the spa area. The girls gathered around and did their best Vogue impressions much to Diane’s amusement, before hitting the dancefloor. x