Huntsman Inn Wedding for Meg & Tom

Just when you think you might have become an upstanding member of the community, you go and have a few drinkypoos at the local Huntsman, end up stopping for the quiz and shouting an answer out to one of the questions in the style of Keith Lemon, “POTATO!!” Well the couple next to us fell about laughing and joined in the nonsense. This was the first time I met Meg and Tom. Little did I know I’d end up photographing their wedding!

Things didn’t get much more sensible and we called each other Potato from that point on, and yes, even on the big day haha! Which, ironically was also at a pub called The Huntsman, this time in Holmfirth.

I spent some time with the girls getting ready – you know it’s a dog-loving lady when the wedding dress has to be sticky rollered to grab the one or two hairs left behind. A beautiful sunny day the wasps were out and about, and caused much hilarity when one was forcefully ejected by one of the bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, the guys were outside enjoying a cigar and whisky before heading to get ready.

The ceremony saw an emotional Meg and even more emotional Tom reunited, and together they managed to get through their vows.

The afternoon was accompanied by plenty of beer and sunshine, smiles and laughter, while the evening came with Sass & The Groove and plenty of getting down on the dance floor.