International Equine Artist Reference Project

As part of an international equine artist community, I’ve noticed a lot of requests for high resolution reference photographs for sculptors, painters and all manner of equine art. So over the summer I’ve been busy inbetween weddings visiting various yards to create a library of images for us all to share. No money has changed hands, it’s purely been a labour of love.

One of my weird and wonderful hobbies is customising and painting model horses (believe it or not, there’s a massive international community of fellow weirdos who do exactly the same) and this project has also been a massive help to me too.

This little guy stands about 7cm tall and was sculpted by the incredibly talented Josine Vingerling  and painted by me. He’s made of resin, which Josine has cast a limited number of. I’ve then cleaned up the mould lines, primed him, airbrushed him, added pastel shading then painted the rest of the details using acrylics (and a tiny brush) He’s then sealed in layers of matt sealer, and then gloss has been added to his eyes and hooves. Painting these little guys is something I do to relax as well as photography, and I’ve made many wonderful friends through the hobby too – something I did as a kid back in the 90’s.

Anyway, don’t get me started on them or I’ll waffle on all day about them haha!