Jake and Abby’s Denby Church Wedding & Bagden Hall Wedding Reception

The day started for me with the guys at Jake and Abby’s home in Oxspring. It was just as I’d expect with the boys making amazing wedding morning breakfast butties and sitting outside enjoying the sun.

Hilarity ensued as Jake practiced kneeling down ready for the church and everyone was given their very own pair of wedding day personalised socks. I remember thinking what a lovely bunch of friends they were, and had a feeling there were plenty of stories they could tell you! haha! I want to say thank you to them for making me feel so welcome and part of the group for the morning.

Still chuckling to myself over the morning’s shennanigans I headed over to Abby’s parents’ house where things were much quieter as everyone was getting ready with hair and makeup.

Soon enough it was time to make our way to Denby Church, where a warm welcome awaited, although I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive as originally I’d been informed that I wouldn’t be able to take photos during the ceremony and that usually means a very strict and stern reception, but Revd Cannon Joyce was lovely and welcomed me in, we had a short chat and I assured her that there was no running around or flashes and I’d keep out of the way, and I’m so glad she let me carry on as normal as the photos during the ceremony showed how happy Jake and Abby were. Abby had THE biggest smile from a bride I think I have ever seen as she walked down the aisle and saw her waiting hubby to be! In fact, Abby and Jake didn’t STOP smiling all day! It was infectious and my cheeks definitely ached when I got home!

The reception was a short drive over to Bagden Hall, and I noticed Jake helping his new wife out of the car and thinking he was a true gentleman towards her. Having seen how outwardly loving Abby’s parents were with each other throughout the day I can see where the love has rubbed off from! 🙂

Their relaxed day was the perfect example of friends and family taking the opportunity to catch up with everyone, and the day ended with one of my favourite photos – Abby’s Dad with his two girls on the dancefloor looking like the happiest man alive.

Sarah x