Kathryn and James’ Relaxed Engagement Photoshoot

Kathryn and James are my favourite kind of couple – relaxed, happy, in love and really not comfortable with being in front of a camera. Crazy thing for a photographer to say huh? Well that’s because I’m just like them – happy, relaxed and hate having my photo taken. I always have! So I know exactly how they feel and it’s up to me to treat them how I’d like to be treated to make things as comfortable as possible, especially as I know I’ll capture them better if they can relax around me.

We decided to just go for a nice walk somewhere quiet near their home in Honley. With such beautiful surroundings I didn’t need to search for suitable areas, which meant that I could concentrate more on capturing them and they could get to know how I work ready for their December wedding at The Woodman Inn in Huddersfield. They have some really extra special things planned and I can’t wait! 🙂

Sarah x