Katie & Adam’s church wedding and Smallshaw Wedding Reception

The universe has a funny way of reminding you of what you should be doing.
Today I nipped out for a lunch with the folks and the couple in the corner who’d been thinking they knew me from somewhere (which I was also pondering) came over and said “you were the photographer at Adam and Katie’s wedding!” BINGO! THAT’S where we knew each other from. Of course it was lovely to see them and reminisce briefly about what an amazing day they’d had. It also served as a kick up the proverbial to get around to writing about their big day.

Their wedding was a close to home one for me – they’d chosen Smallshaw Farm Cottages to get ready at before heading to St Saviour’s Church at Thurlstone, then they would head back to Smallshaw Farm for their reception.

I walk past Thurlstone church all the time, but until their wedding day I’d never been in. From the outside I always thought how big and imposing it looked from the road, but inside it felt completely different; it was incredibly warm and welcoming.

Adam and Katie had set up lots of outdoor games for their guests back at the farm, and the marquee looked beautiful. The weather was kind and everyone had the most wonderful relaxed day surrounded by those they hold dearest in the world.