Laura and Joel’s Buxton Wedding

Laura and Joel’s Buxton Pavilion Wedding and Farm Wedding Reception

Laura and Joel used to live in Sheffield – in fact two streets up from where my old house was! And despite a recent move to London they decided that they wanted to get married back “up north.”

They chose the Buxton Pavilion Gardens, and having never been myself I arrived in the morning to have a good look around before the celebrations were to start. What a beautiful location! Having been for a wander around and saying hello to the ducks, I parked my butt on a bench in the sunshine and ate my sandwich. Bliss!

Although the clouds were threatening, the rain held off and they were able to have their outdoor bandstand wedding.

A wonderful intimate ceremony was followed by our newlyweds being congratulated by random strangers whilst being inundated with Laura’s mum’s homegrown confetti (which judging by the wincing and the “ouches” was quite an experience) lol!

Outside, the guests made the most of the ice cream, and a very short sharp shower saw the brollies go up, but just as soon as they were up than they were down again, and soon enough it was time to go and play on the resident miniature railway! Toot Toot! All aboard!

After the fun of the train we made our way over to the reception location – a fabulous little farm in Hartington called “Bank Top Farm“. The walk up from the centre of the village to the farm was wonderful – the sun was shining, the cows were in the fields and there was a UFO in the sky. Wait, what? Well, I’ve had the photo checked out and whilst not a “proper UFO” it still remains unidentified.

As keen outdoorsy people, it was the perfect day for Laura and Joel and they thoroughly enjoyed the stroll up to the farm surrounded by friends and family.

The farm itself was perfect for them; outdoor space for the games and the inside had been beautifully and thoughtfully decorated.

Whilst we got people together for some family photos Joel took the opportunity to try out his climbing skills on the barn wall, well I did mention they’re outdoorsy! J

Joel and Laura both deftly defied gravity under the limbo pole, but the prize had to be given to one of the guys who managed to split his trousers in the process, of course I couldn’t help laughing! Hey I’m only human! Haha!

Sarah x