Liz and Rob’s Church wedding and Smallshaw Farm wedding reception

It all starts at Elizabeth’s parent’s beautiful house. As soon as I arrived I noticed the lovely relaxed feel, with the girls getting their hair and makeup done while Dad polished his shoes in the garden.

The ceremony itself was at St Lucius Church at Farnley Tyas. There was a nod to Liz and Rob’s football teams in the ceremony “match day programme,” and 2 milk churns outside the front door, each having a football scarf tied around them (unbeknown to Liz who burst out laughing when she saw them.) Rob having his Barnsley scarf and Liz having her Brighton one.

During the ceremony, the Reverend Andrew Steer declared that he had something for them and promptly disappeared. He reappeared with the gift of a bottle of wine, much to the relief of Liz and Rob, who I’m sure wondered just what he was upto!

Full of smiles and confetti the newlyweds hopped in a wonderful old Bentley and took the picturesque drive through the countryside to Smallshaw Farm & Cottages for their marquee reception. Smallshaw Farm is very special to me as I live 5 minutes down the road and yes I’m biased, but the views from there are second to none.

Greeted by a fabulous brass band playing old and new classics, the sun shone and everyone caught up with friends and relatives from far and wide. It was soon time for everyone to be seated, and while waiting to make their entrance, Liz and Rob had an impromptu dance to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, cheerily played by the brass band. They looked so happy, and I think the photos I took of them there are my favourites from the whole day.

Travelling was a major part of the details – Rob’s Dad had created a fantastic signpost with places where people had travelled from to be part of the couple’s celebration. There were books and photos of their travels, and their seating plan was a map of the world.

The speeches were hilarious, and I particularly loved the child’s fishing net that was presented to Liz’s Dad, everyone was in stitches. Genius!

All too soon it was time for me to head home, although to be fair, Smallshaw Farm always feels like home anyway.

Sarah x