Lockdown Part 2

Today I intended to walk along the A628 to a nearby field where I’d spotted some little lambs. So I packed my camera, “big” lens and a token 35mm just in case. I got to the field, but all the sheep were on the far side of the field, sheltering from the cold wind. So I carried on walking, and walking, until I got to Langsett, where I was greeted by concrete blocks and car park closed signs. I decide to walk back home through the woods and back onto the main road – something I would NEVER contemplate with normal traffic, but the roads were deserted apart from the odd lorry keeping us fed.

Having the opportunity to walk along the verges I was disgusted by the amount of rubbish. The number one item? Beer bottles. Why on earth are there beer bottles discarded on the verge of a main road? Alcohol and roads? I still can’t understand it. An empty litter bin at a layby opposite (which was empty) was surrounded by rubbish all over the floor, despite the polite notice on the sign put there by the local community.

A few weeks ago before we went on lockdown I’d decided to clear what I could on the local section of trans Pennine trail, but there’s not enough bags in Tesco to collect all the rubbish I walked past! Why do people think it’s ok to discard their rubbish into the environment? Human beings can be so disgusting. Maybe after this is all over people will open their eyes to playing their part in looking after our world.