Lockdown Part 3

HOLY MOLY!!!! I nearly fell off my office ball when I saw a flash of red, white and black on the birdfeeder!

I often hear woodpeckers when I go for walks, but they’re always so elusive and have never managed to see one to photograph. NEVER did I expect one would come and visit me in the garden – I’ve never seen or even heard one around here. I felt completely elated and so fortunate and did a little dance at seeing this special little visitor. Shortly followed by the cute little long tail tits I felt incredibly lucky. Despite the overcast dark morning I managed to capture them on camera.

Little did I know that the afternoon would bring me crashing down to earth after hearing a bang against the window, I ran outside and carefully picked up a beautiful female blackbird’s limp little body with a towel, carefully placing her in a cardboard box so she might recover a while in case it was shock. But it was too late, she wasn’t breathing or moving, and the loss of such a precious little life really, really upset me, and I found myself sat on the kitchen floor holding her and sobbing my heart out. I laid her out in the garden with a daffodil and crystal.

Every life is so precious, no matter how small.