Lockdown Part 4

It’s my birthday!!! Seriously, I may be an April Fool but I’m not fooling around – and anyway, I was born at 10 minutes to midnight, and the fooling stops at lunchtime!

Well it’s been a strange old birthday not being able to see any of my friends and family, but I made the most of my designated exercise time and took my camera to see the beautiful Shire horses in the field near my house. When I got there, two of them were having a lie-in and the other was nodding off on their feet. When horses lay down it shows how comfortable and safe they feel, and these two were well and truly comfortable and safe! I spent half an hour with them, just relaxing and enjoying the bird song (and lack of traffic noise) They bring my soul such peace, and after yesterday’s rollercoaster I was grateful for it.

When I returned home I saw the long tailed tits in the garden again and managed to get a couple of better photos, spotted a robin cleaning his wings in the hedge, and a beautiful female blackbird sat on the bird feeder.

Now I’m off to eat cake 🙂