My Documentary Wedding Photography Style

Rarely do you get the chance to surround yourselves with the people who mean the world to you to celebrate such a happy occasion. It’s my absolute pleasure to capture the story of your day.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions – the nervous excitement at the thought of standing in front of everyone, the heartbreak of being given away giving rise to the overwhelming happiness at seeing your partner; the hilarity that the speeches and celebrations create and the tears of joy from those who you’ve chosen so carefully to share your wedding with.


Beautifully documented moments in a timeless style

“Reportage, photojournalistic, documentary, candid” call it what you will; people are my priority – the little glances, the hilarious moments, tender touches and tear-jerking emotions.

“Your wedding isn’t a magazine shoot, it’s not about the photographer’s portfolio, or the latest fads and trends.”

Documentary Photography is a much more relaxed way of having your day recorded – simply enjoy your day without worrying you have to perform for the camera. It’s an over-used term but takes a certain way of working – you’re constantly observing what’s going on around you – reacting, anticipating and feeling.


My Photography Gear

I’m a great believer that cameras are just tools, but I make sure I have the best tools I can, which is why I shoot with 2 Nikon Pro cameras so that I can have a different lens on each camera without having to change them and possibly miss moments. I always have backups, and both my cameras have two cards in them – one is backing up the images as I’m shooting. I don’t take chances with your memories.