Neil and Lisa’s Outdoor Tipi Wedding at Lazy Daisys

Well who would have thought it would be nearly 30 degrees and wall to wall sunshine in Penistone?! To say Lisa and Neil’s wedding day was a hot one would be a massive understatement!

Lazy Daisys is literally 5 minutes up the road from where I live, and I’d seen the tipis going up in preparation and had got really rather giddy about it all!

I knew they’d been busy creating and crafting for the day but was seriously impressed with what they’d done – so many lovely handmade touches and it felt very “them.” They’d even stuck hundreds of individual corks onto the seating plan board to form the shape of a heart – I had a hangover just looking at how many there were!

Lisa was pretty relaxed and looked stunning in her dress from Glory Days in York. I’d talked to Lisa about her dress and she only needed to try this one on to know it was the one for her. No messing!

The ceremony was at midday, with the sun beating down, and a couple of guests struggled in the heat and had to take shelter, but it was a beautiful, personal ceremony with a family friend as the registrar, and they’d written some promises of their own that had everyone laughing and smiling. You can tell these guys are best friends, not just a couple.

The big wedding quiz brough much hilarity and memories, and was a lovely surprise for them. The caterers and the guys at the bar were friends of the couple, and everyone dug in to help on the day, it was lovely to see how much effort they all gave for their friends’ big day.

The day had a great relaxed festival feel to it, and I think there were more than a few dodgy tan lines at the end of the day! It took some serious cooling off as well – let’s just say when I got home I sat in a cold bath with a beer while the photos were backing up!