The New Camera Has Arrived!

Although I’m not a gearhead, when the new D850 from Nikon was announced I joined the waiting list. It was a big decision and I went backwards and forwards on it, but I could always cancel. Whilst my existing cameras are amazing, because I shoot with 2, I always have a spare – my spare is an older version of the ones I currently use, and had plenty of mileage on it, so would be the trade off.

Having read the reviews and seen the results I was so excited when it finally landed and I could collect it. It didn’t arrive until 4pm, just as it was starting to drop dark so perfect opportunity to take it out and see how its low light performance goes, to say I had high expectations would be an understatement, if it wasn’t what I expected it would be going back, especially given the dent it made in my account! lol

Where could I go and try it out at short notice? A walk to see the little Shetland ponies – they’re mostly black, moving subjects and it was dropping dark too – perfect!

I’m so pleased with how it performed, unfortunately for my bank account, it’s here to stay. Next up will be a charity event for Support Dogs on Sunday, before my final wedding of the year 🙁 on the 2nd December.  But for now, here are some ponies…

Sarah x