Fiona & Martin’s Autumn Winter Wedding

Oulton Hall, being a new wedding venue for myself I arrived really early, pulled up and had a sandwich before going walkabout to familiarise myself with the location and light. Mid-November heralded an imminent Christmas, and true enough Santa had parked his sleigh over the entrance!

The leaves were on the ground outside, and the wonderful smell of eucalyptus filled the inside.

The guests were mingling in the champagne bar and Martin was greeting his guests. Fiona and her father pulled up outside in a wonderful classic car before Fiona, who looked incredible, was helped by her bridesmaids before heading in to meet her waiting husband.

Now some people cry during the ceremony, but Fiona caught a case of the giggles, which was of course infectious, and everyone loved seeing how happy the couple were.

We all braved the cold for some confetti, and went for a little walk with Fiona and Martin while they caught some time together before heading back in for their reception.

The evening was amazing – the couple had hired a band – Tru Groove Band, who had an awesome setlist to get everyone dancing – even Martin, who had thought he wasn’t going to get a first dance in…

The highlight of the evening for me came when Fiona and Martin were invited to an impromptu sing-off. Having narrowly missed out on winning the Mr and Mrs quiz earlier, Fiona nailed her vocals and despite Martin’s valiant efforts, won hands down. Sorry Martin.