Web-Slowcoaches-322Photographing the Slowcoaches at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield

Last week I had a random phone call from the Dan, singer in the band I play in, asking whether I’d be up for photographing a punk band playing at The Food Hall in Sheffield as part of the Tramlines festival. The Slowcoaches are managed by the same guy who had managed Dan’s previous band so it was a bit of a favour, but since I was going to Tramlines anyway I thought why the hell not?!

They wanted some relaxed, natural shots of the three of them just chilling, which is perfect for me, and then later on to get some photos of them on stage.

It’d never been so easy to get to the front of the crowd at a gig, but wielding my DSLRs and asking politely if I could squeeze through I was right at the front for all the action, including the obligatory crowd surfing. I’ve never photographed a band before so this was new territory for me, but I had a blast, and it reminded me of some of the wedding receptions I’ve been to!

Anyway, I know it’s not wedding related but I thought I’d share with you…

Sarah x