What is a photojournalistic photographer?

Look through any National Geographic or Time magazine and you’ll see some amazing examples of “documentary” or “reportage” photography. The photographer has captured raw human emotions in a split second that reveal the true nature and feelings of that fleeting moment. I’m a photojournalistic wedding photographer – let me tell you more…

We’re lucky that this style of photography can now be used to document weddings. Not so long ago, they weren’t documented so much as posed for traditional “line ’em up and say cheese” style photos.

I remember as a kid being told to do exactly that by my dad, who would then faff about with his point and shoot while the family line up would squint into the sun, forcing fake smiles while all we wanted to do was go and play. You’ve probably been there too!

The Photojournalistic wedding photographer approach to weddings

To shoot a wedding in this style takes a lot of practice in observing people and being aware of what’s going on around you. I don’t want to sound too arty farty but it’s an intuition you feel and acquire from being slightly obsessed with all things visual and dare I say it, a tad nosey too!

Catching spontaneous, improvised moments means working intuitively and following your gut.


Traditional attitudes to photography

As a society we’ve been conditioned to respond in a specific way to the presence of a camera. We immediately stand taller and force a smile. The camera in the room imparts a sense of being hunted!

It doesn’t help matters that wedding photographers have gained a reputation over the years for being bossy, authoritative figures – like a teacher at the wedding rounding up the pupils. But this isn’t how we all work.

As for me? Well, I think for certain portraits a degree of helpful direction and collaboration (like “it would be nice if you held hands and went for a wander up to the bridge and back”) type thing


My best advice?

Be yourselves and relax. Enjoy your day and ignore the 2 cameras strapped to me. After all, it’s still little old me! 🙂


Sarah x