How do you know whether a reportage wedding photographer is the right kind of photographer for you?

There are so many different styles of wedding photographers out there it can be really confusing when there’s so much choice already. My best tip is to simply check out their photos and see if you love them, if you do, then it’s likely that’s the right style for you.

Below are some differences I believe might help explain the difference between traditional and reportage.

My style is a combination of reportage and fine art. The reportage captures moments, emotions and connections between people. The fine art aspect is a little more directed in order to gain a few beautiful flagship images for you – the kind you’d print large in a frame or put on the front of your album cover.

  • You’d like someone to direct moments and steps at a number of points during the day and don’t mind taking time out to do this.
  • You like to follow the trends in photography; you like wonky angles, selective colour, jumping guests, props…
  • You’re having photos because you feel like you should. You’d like photos of the whole family to remember who was there and this is the most important thing to you as far as the photos are concerned.
  • You want to provide your photographer with a list of must have photos
  • You think photos of people are best when they’re looking at the camera
  • You’d prefer to get on with your day and just want someone to document it.
  • You’d be happy to take a little bit of time out of the proceedings to have a relaxed 15 minutes to catch up with your partner and be followed by a photographer who will capture you while you enjoy this.
  • You’re having a photographer there to document the day as it happens. You’d like to relive the day through a collection of images which will make you laugh and cry all over again
  • Would you be able to put trust in a photographer to create a beautiful photographic story of your day?
  • You prefer photos when people are interacting with each other and not directly at the camera