You want me to fly to Santorini to be your wedding photographer? Oh go on then, you twisted my arm!

I’m so glad to be FINALLY getting the chance to share this amazing wedding with you all. It’s been such a loooong time coming, and once it came and went I’ve been crazy busy so haven’t had the chance to share it on my blog with you lovely people.

I know Sara and Brett through a mutual friend, and when I saw the excited Facebook post about them getting married out in Santorini I just couldn’t help but ask if they’d be interested in me being their photographer. Santorini has been on my bucket list for years and this sounded like the ideal chance to get a friend some fab photos, work a little on my windmill documentary project, oh and get my feet in the sea! So lucky me they said yes!

So I flew out before the wedding, got my gear together, and in the afternoon of the big day headed over to their hotel, where Sara was getting ready with little Amelia, their very smart and lovely daughter, and of course Sara’s mum.

A short taxi ride over to the stunning Santo Winery later and myself, Sara’s mum and Amelia met up with Brett and the rest of the guests, while Sara and her dad waited for their ride.

Being on top of a cliff meant it was quite breezy, and the ladies had to hang onto their hats – I gave up on mine in the end as I only have 2 hands and both of them were occupied with cameras! It was still really warm, and the sun was starting to make its journey down to the horizon when the white Mercedes pulled up at the entrance, and an emotional Sara and her proud father made their way down the stairs to the ceremony.

Sara and Brett have been together a long time, and have a beautiful daughter Amelia – it was such a privilege to be able to be there on such a special day that we’d all been excited about for so many months!

Such a romantic setting, Santo Winery didn’t disappoint! Lots of wine and mingling after the ceremony and it was soon time to get the bus to Pyrgos Restaurant, with its fantastic vista. Sara and Brett specifically asked me for a sunset shot so once they’d been greeted by the family and checked the venue we walked a little way to a beautiful vantage point. On the way back I loved how Brett carried Sara’s shoes for her. That’s love right there! 🙂

We were treated to some wonderful traditional Greek mezze and wine, before a couple of informal speeches and impromptu dances rounded the night off. The kids were tired, and it was time to head back to our hotels.

Of course I couldn’t wait to edit the photos so the next day I was sat under the shade of a tree at my hotel with my laptop, and couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off my face all week.

Sarah x