Sheffield Town Hall and Inox Dine Wedding for James and Barbara

James and Barbara had a lovely intimate wedding ceremony at Sheffield’s Town Hall, followed by a rather eventful wedding reception at Inox Dine.

As always I was crazy early and had a wander around. Curiously there was an anti-fracking demonstration as told by a group of actors masquerading as Robin Hood, complete with colour-coordinated hobby horses. I love this city!

The Peace Gardens were lovely with the fountains wooshing away, and we made the most of it bing dry for some photos outside before the bus came to collect the newlyweds and their guests to take them to Inox Dine.

I was so impressed with Inox, the staff were really attentive and I’m a complete sucker for fairylights – of which there were plenty! It all felt very relaxed and people were soon sitting down for some wonderful food.

We were rudely interrupted by a number of “guests” arriving late and drunk – I exchanged knowing glances with James and Barbara…because you see… these were no guests… the couple had arranged a murder mystery as part of the entertainment and these were the key characters! The guests soon figured things out and the evening’s dancing commenced and boogied into the night.

Sarah x