Sheffield Town Hall & Silversmiths Wedding Reception

September in the UK can always be a little unpredictable weather-wise, but Sarah wasn’t bothered, she had the most amazing yellow umberella which matched her shoes, and wasn’t going to let a bit of water spoil her day. Getting ready at the St Paul’s Mercure she had loads of space and could watch the streets below while hubby to be Brad decided along with some of the guys to head over to the pub for a cheeky drink before the ceremony.

With the guys in the pub, Sarah arrived at the Town Hall to meet and greet friends and family, and was soon joined by Brad before heading in for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we all walked down to Silversmiths, stopping in the Winter Gardens for a few photos along the way. I love seeing the smiles and everyones’ faces as they watched and congratulated the newlyweds walking past them.

Silversmiths was a new venue for me – a lovely intimate restaurant near the University city campus. The candles were lit and the cups of tea were being brewed, and of course the odd tequilla…

Soon enough it was time for their food, and for me to leave them all to carry on the celebrations – but not before Sarah packaged me a brownie to take home that she’d been busy baking the day before! The brownie was almost as sweet as Sarah, but not quite! x