2 photos shortlisted for the British Photography Awards!

Well that was a nice surprise! I don’t enter photography competitions normally, but this one was different, and since I’d been tagged by two of my wonderful brides on Facebook to tell me about it, and you could choose who your entry fees went to from a list of charities, so I thought heck, why not.

Never expected anything to come of it, and had actually forgotten until doing my accounts I came across the invoice, and it reminded me, so I thought I’d check the website out. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather – 2 of my photos were there amongst the 240 shortlisted! Not only that, but had been for quite some time! Turns out there was a big press interest in the awards and they’d been featured in the Times, Daily Mail, the Sun and others, and over 75,000 people had been involved in the public vote (sorry guys n gals, I’d have sent the link had I known!)

Since then I’ve had an email to say I’m not going any further, but to be shortlisted from 3700 photographers was great!

Here are my shortlisted photos 🙂 Click on them to be taken to the competition pages.